A Fitting Tribute


Regular readers of TNKZ will remember that, back in February, one of my best friends on earth suddenly was taken from us. In many respects, I’m still grieving; Rusty’s birthday was Monday, six days after mine, and I’ll remember him particularly on that date for the rest of my life. Those of you who can remember to pray for his widow, Sherry, please do so this coming week, because it’s their anniversary (would have been 24), and I know it’ll be a very tough day for her. I called both Sherry and Rusty’s mom Jane on Monday, and they’re coping well, I think, but the loss was so unexpected and he was such an incredible guy that it still hurts.

At any rate, my friend (and regular lurker Mary Beth; I know you’re reading this, Mare!) sent me a picture of the sign erected for the dedication of the Roanoke Valley Christian Schools athletic field in Rusty’s honor. It is by any measure one can imagine a fitting tribute to my friend.

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