A Christian Response to President Obama


The Internet Monk surely has it right on this one:

Christians, What are You Saying about the President?

Though I have no plans to watch the inauguration myself, it’s surely not a bad thing to do, and I wouldn’t attempt to dissuade anyone from doing so. But more importantly, what we say–and the way we say it–must be characterized first by a love for Jesus. Will Christians show themselves to be no different from the hatemongers who uncharitably and irrationally savaged President Bush? Or will we recognize that while there is a place for principled opposition to programs and initiatives, there is no place for anything but love for Mr. Obama as a person and respect for him as president?

I pray the latter.


  1. Laurie on January 14, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    I totally agree. I didn’t vote for Obama but no matter how I personally feel, I would never want to be like those who irrationally and dishonestly attacked President Bush. I understand being disappointed and concerned, but God is still in control, right? And we’re not – that was proven when the results came in and John McCain wasn’t the winner.

    I think we can show our loyalty to our country, our political parties, and our professed beliefs without succumbing to hatred and back-biting. First of all, what good does it do? Second, it’s not a proper response to this situation – the godly response is to submit to our government, in as much as it doesn’t require us to disobey God, pray for those whom God has placed in authority, and be at peace with all men, as much as we can.

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