5 Years this Week: A Blogging Retrospective of Sorts


Look back in TNKZ archives and you’ll discover that I made my first post on this website five years ago this week. It’s been an interesting run, it really has; I’ve been enthused about blogging, writing, getting my voice and opinions and ideas out there, batting ’em around with friends and strangers (many of whom have become friends). I’ve had times of dryness when I loathed the idea of putting one word down on the blog (which has contributed to one of the weaknesses of this blog: it tends to be “uneven” posts-wise); I’ve had times when I seemed to have so much to say that I’d put up one post after another (last Sunday was one of those times). I guess the other condition is “writer’s block”, or some such related thing; sometimes, it isn’t that I don’t have anything to write, but just that I’m weary of this or that and the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a screen and type stuff.

One funny observation I have is how unpredictable this thing can be. I’ll post something that I consider quite important, perhaps at least semi-profound, and all I hear from y’all is the crickets chirping in the background. I posted some stuff in my blog-flurry the other day that hasn’t seemed to budge the needle of interest, even though to me it was pretty meaningful stuff. Then, I post a “throwaway post” about some doofus who thinks he’s God’s end-times prophet, and I become an expert on Ronald Weinland (I’ve never claimed anything of the sort, by the way; when I confessed such, one of the Weinland Kool-Aid drinkers seized on it as a “reason” to not come back and post–this despite the fact that I never claimed to know much about this guy). I got right in the middle of the storm about “End of the Spear” several years back; I gave “equal time” to the director of the movie, who appreciated my even-handedness, though I took a clear position on the controversy. My site became a discussion point for the pros and cons of Xenos Church in Columbus, Ohio for awhile (it’s a great church, by the way); one of the pastors came on to discuss the church back-and-forth with folks.

I’ve been called all sorts of names, but not that often, almost always by trolls who appear once, say something dirty/snarky/inane, and then slink back to whatever hole they clumb out of (yes, I know “clumb” isn’t a word; I am a trained righter, after all). I’ve been prophesied against (that was an interesting experience); someone on the Ronald Weinland thread assumed the voice of the Holy Spirit (who speaks in King James, apparently, if the “prophesy” is any indication) and called down woes from Heaven on my head. That was fun.

I’ve posted things hastily and changed my mind after someone pointed out a differing viewpoint. I’ve posted things hastily and taken them down after good brothers like President Bill Hamel (EFCA), Matt Mitchell (fellow pastor and flunkie), Don Black (long-time best bud), and others have called my hand. Much as I’d like to say that I’ve learned the lesson of Ephesians 4:29, and won’t ever speak hastily/stupidly again, I’m sure it’s bound to happen, and so if you’re offended by it, sorry in advance. I’m a harmless little fuzzball who’s try to get folks to think, entertain folks, draw them closer to Jesus in whatever way I can–including the use of satire and sarcasm from time to time, which is what gets me into trouble on occasion. That’s me, for better or worse; I don’t mind walking an edge from time to time, particularly if it gets people to think. I’ve just about fully converted to being a libertarian politically, which sounds controversial, I guess, but which only makes sense in the age in which we live, when Democrats are for all practical purposes Socialists wannabes, and Republicans are for all practical purposes spineless/directionless weenies whose complicity and cowardice have enabled the Socialist wannabes to gain traction. But enough of that…

I am pretty sure that I can lay claim to having inspired a few of my friends to begin blogging themselves, including at least one blogger whose bloginfluence dwarfs mine. I’m glad for that. Really, you guys don’t have to pitch in to buy me a nice big blog anniversary/thank you gift. Of course, you could…but you don’t have to.

I’m honestly sort of at a crossroads blog-wise right now. There’s a part of me that is thinking, “five years is about enough”, and there are days when I’m pretty sure that part of me will win. Then there are other days when I get fired up and am glad I’ve got a release valve that might influence somebody else to think. I think, in all candor, that if TNKZ were to become a joint blog venture, instead of just my blatherings, a comboblog where others contributed on a regular basis, where if I didn’t feel like writing for a month, somebody else would pick up the slack, and where if I felt like firing off ten posts in ten minutes I could, well, that’d probably be perfect. That said, it’d have to be the right people. I was part of a joint blog once or twice before, but it didn’t work, and I was part of the reason: I don’t have the energy/enthusiasm to write for my own blog and then for another. Sort of like playing in more than one fantasy football league: there’s one you’d give blood to win, and the rest are hobbies. Least it’s that way for me. So for a good jointblog to work, it’s got to be, I think, made up of people who only blog at that one spot. I’m taking applications…

Well, that’s enough for now, except to say that if you’re a lurker out there, often reading but never posting, just a quick comment back to say, “hey, we’re here!” would really be nice. Might make a difference in my longevity here. If I’m writing words into the breeze, well, I’ve got other things to do, you know? But if folks are reading/enjoying/thinking and pondering, well, that makes it worthwhile. Let me know you’re there, even if all you post is, “I’m here!” Thanks, dear readers, for a fun five years, and for however long we keep doing this little ditty.


  1. sherry on March 27, 2009 at 11:44 am



  2. Laurie on March 27, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    This is the first blog I ever participated in, you can’t leave us, say it ain’t so!

    I read most of your articles, don’t always comment because sometimes you’ve expressed your thoughts so well I can’t think of anything to add – I guess I could say “amen” or something, just so you know somebody read it.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed stopping in to see what’s new, I’d miss it.

  3. Laura on March 27, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    Hi Pastor Harvey!
    Just letting you know that here’s another reader who enjoys what you have to say even if I don’t comment all that often. I leave that to smarter people 🙂
    God bless you!

  4. Jim on March 27, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    I always read your posts but I have never left a comment until now. I do appreciate your writings and how they force me to think. I’ll admit that at times your viewpoint infuriates me, other times it is as if you are speaking my exact thoughts.

    Thank you for being an intelligent voice in the wilderness, and I sincerely hope I will be able to leave another comment when you mark your 10th year online.

    • Byron on March 28, 2009 at 10:00 am

      I love it! Thanks, Jim; if I’ve not infuriated any of my readers at some point (well, at least irritated them), then I’m not doing my job well enough.

  5. Lurker on March 29, 2009 at 1:24 am

    I’m here!


    Happy 5th Blogniversary!

  6. Derlin on March 29, 2009 at 2:42 am

    Happy 5th! I’ve enjoyed reading ever since I found your blog. You’re great at tolerating differing opinions while at the same time forcing people to think.

  7. sherry on March 29, 2009 at 8:34 pm


    I know who you are!

  8. Chris on March 30, 2009 at 11:55 am

    I also enjoy reading your articles quite a bit even though I don’t comment often. Like Laurie, I think most (if not all) of your posts are well thought out and expressed, so I don’t have anything to add. Other topics you post I know nothing about, so I won’t have an opinion, but I learn something new in those instances. So, keep up the good work (and don’t quit!)Happy 5th anniversary!

  9. Derlin on March 30, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    While we’re waxing nostalgic, I have a suggestion. If I recall correctly, the site used to provide a date with each entry, instead of just the time, as it does now. I think this was before your webbie dude revamped the site with the various daily events that were preempted to allow you to post (interestingly, I just noticed they now seem to be missing as well). Anyway, I for one like to see dates on entries; it’s especially handy when I dip into the archives. Comments do track dates, which I appreciate, but not every entry is commented, or timely commented, if that.

  10. Byron on March 31, 2009 at 7:40 am

    Great idea; I actually was thinking the same thing the other day. Webbie-dude Paul is in the hospital right now (prayers, please!), but when he’s all better, I’ll ask him to do that.

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