On 9/11, over 3000 Americans were killed by Muslim cowards. It was a day that changed America–forever. We will never forget; 9/11 colors everything we do as a nation in one way or another. But can you imagine every single inhabitant of these states all being wiped out?

* Kentucky
* Oregon
* Oklahoma
* Connecticut
* Iowa
* Mississippi
* Arkansas
* Kansas
* Utah
* Nevada
* New Mexico
* West Virginia
* Nebraska
* Idaho
* Maine
* New Hampshire
* Hawaii
* Rhode Island
* Montana
* Delaware
* South Dakota
* Alaska
* North Dakota
* Vermont
* Wyoming

It hasn’t happened in one day, but the exact equivalent has–over a period of 35 bloody years.

Abortion may not be the only important issue facing us as Americans–indeed, it certainly is not. But as long as we can wantonly and callously slaughter the most helpless and innocent among us, it will be the issue of first importance.

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