As I do each year, I’m live-blogging the EFCA National Conference, this year from First Evangelical Free Church in St. Louis. Took an extra day driving up here, stopping through Memphis and seeing that town for the first time. Yesterday, touring the National Civil Rights Museum, located in the Lorraine Hotel (where Dr. King was gunned down) was a highlight of our trip so far. Really worthwhile; hope to find time to write more about it.

I’ve already bumped into some old buddies here from my PA days…it’s always fun. This year’s conference is going to prove interesting. Normally, the business sessions at National Conference have roughly the excitement factor of a 3-hour haircut, but things will be mightily different this year, as we are deliberating a revision to our Statement of Faith. That sounds a lot scarier than it is; I promise you, we’re not talking about ordaining practicing homosexuals or jettisoning the inerrancy of the Bible. Frankly, as it’s proposed right now, we really aren’t changing much of anything other than the wording, not that that fact alone won’t have at least a few folks up in arms (it already has some there). I’m praying that the key thing that will emerge from this conference is a sense of unity of purpose around the priority of proclaiming the gospel. We shall see…

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