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Tweet Tweet? I'm with Brian…

By Paul Oyler / April 22, 2009 /

I’m signed up for Twitter–and I’ve “tweeted” about twice in eight months or so, which means that, effectively, I’m just not that into it. That’s an overstatement. Here’s Brian O’Neill’s take. Thanks to Webbie-Dude Paul for the article.

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"Randomly Bragging about Your Unexceptional Life"

By Paul Oyler / April 2, 2009 /

At least, that’s what the character on this wonderful Twitter cartoon concludes, and though I signed up for Twitter myself, having been told that it would be helpful–and have several “followers”–I’m leading them nowhere, because I confess that I’m stumped why anybody would care. I know, I know, the 20-somethings live on Twitter; maybe it’s…

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