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Skewering Liberal Reasoning for Fun (But, Alas, No Money)

By Paul Oyler / April 20, 2010 /

Now and again, as a service to TNKZ readers, I like to take a liberal “argument” and pick it to shreds.  Yes, granted, that can often be like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s good sport, even if it isn’t particularly hard sometimes.  OK, in fairness, sometimes conservatives can make some fairly shoddy arguments…

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Mindless Liberal Smear Machine: Janeane Garofalo

By Paul Oyler / April 21, 2009 /

Egged on by the pseudo-journalist sycophant Keith Olbermann, here’s a great example of the mindless, baseless name-calling that exemplifies the loony left these days: Now, granting the fact that truth has never been a significant concern of the loony left (and by the way, I label the Garofalo/Olbermann/Michael Moore faction the “loony left”; I consider…

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