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Justice Roberts Gets it Right

By Paul Oyler / March 12, 2010 /

Scene at State of the Union Very Troubling Barack Obama is the second Democrat president in a row to fail to understand the appropriate dignity and decorum required of the office of the Presidency.  There are things you just don’t do and say, out-of-bounds and inappropriate, and it was altogether wrong for the President to…

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The True Identity of Comrade Obama

By Paul Oyler / March 22, 2009 /

Wow…this piece is fascinating, and jibes with other things I’ve been reading recently: Obama, Fabian Socialist I think that Bowyer hits the nail on the head regarding Obama’s brand of socialism. It won’t likely come with guns a-blazin’; it’ll come with mountains of paperwork, a mindless turn of public opinion as the sheep are easily…

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Why I Love Rich People

By Paul Oyler / February 23, 2009 /

I’m getting more than just a little tired of rich people being blamed and castigated and treated in some quarters of our society almost as pariahs. Rich people are the ones we need to raise taxes on, of course, because they have the money and can most afford to take the hit. Rich people probably…

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All I Want for Christmas!

By Paul Oyler / December 1, 2008 /

Not. “His confident smile and kind eyes are an inspiration to us all”. Hang the socialist policy and the utter inexperience; give me those kind eyes any time in a president!

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Matthew On "The Least of These"

By Paul Oyler / September 27, 2008 /

I started a series a couple of weeks back on a website called “”, a “community of Christians” that has come out in support of Barack Obama for president. Here’s the next installment: “Caring for the least of these” is next on’s list of values. Again, the value is one upon which we all…

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