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Truthers, Birthers…and Racers

By Paul Oyler / February 17, 2010 /

I think it’s time to introduce a new word into our political discourse to designate a very real, and dangerous, group of fringe wingnuts.  We’ve got the “Truthers”, crazies who think that the U.S. government was behind 9/11.  Incidentally, Glenn Beck did the citizens of Texas a real service this past week when he exposed…

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Scott Brown is Not My Messiah

By Paul Oyler / January 20, 2010 /

We have witnessed, as all the pundits are telling us and as I agree, perhaps the most shocking political upset of my lifetime: Scott Brown, a relatively unknown Republican, has won a five-point-margin victory over a well-heeled, well-known (in Massachusetts) Democrat to claim the seat filled for nearly a half-century by the gargantuan posterior of…

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Lying Liars, and the Lies They Tell

By Paul Oyler / September 4, 2009 /

To paraphrase that great senator from Minnesota…ahem. This is a post about blatant lies that are sometimes told by people who are not bound by the facts; i.e., liberals. Actually, let me digress and say that there are some honorable liberals who represent, in my judgment, a minority, but who are people of real integrity…

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Mindless Liberal Smear Machine: Janeane Garofalo

By Paul Oyler / April 21, 2009 /

Egged on by the pseudo-journalist sycophant Keith Olbermann, here’s a great example of the mindless, baseless name-calling that exemplifies the loony left these days: Now, granting the fact that truth has never been a significant concern of the loony left (and by the way, I label the Garofalo/Olbermann/Michael Moore faction the “loony left”; I consider…

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Will Keith Olbermann Keep Lying?

By Paul Oyler / September 30, 2008 /

And the New York Times, and Margaret Carlson, and Linton Weeks, and Al Hunt, and ThinkProgress…now that the truth is out about Sarah Palin and her alleged “budget cuts” regarding Alaska Special Olympics. Only in liberal La-La Land could a 10% increase in funding equal a “cut”. And we wonder why we’re in the spending…

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