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Mojib Latif: What is It?

By Paul Oyler / September 14, 2009 /

A. A new espresso-like offering at Starbuck’s B. An avant-garde type of decor modeled with Middle Eastern stylings C. A leading global-warming proponent–who now thinks the earth is cooling The answer is “C”. Next question: why have we never heard of Mojib Latif? A. He’s really a nobody, just a crackpot. B. He’s a politically-motivated…

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Carbon Emissions? No Problem!

By Paul Oyler / September 23, 2008 /

Go buy an SUV, if you want to (I don’t, for other reasons), because according to a scientist who studies the evidence, Al Gore is basically a full-bore liar. Here’s his take: No Smoking Hot Spot And see, here’s the problem: there are, I believe, some ecological issues that we ought to find a way…

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