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Pragmatism is not Conservatism, or “Not So Fast on this Carrier Deal”

By Byron / December 3, 2016 /

President-elect Trump, as we all know by now, cut a deal with Carrier to keep roughly 1000 jobs in the U.S. that had been scheduled to move to Mexico. First things first: no one with a heart can help but be happy for the families directly affected by this deal, those who stood to lose…

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The Idea of Trump

By Byron / April 23, 2016 /

I was wrong. With regard to Donald Trump, I was spectacularly wrong. I considered Donald Trump to be a spectacularly unqualified, crude, amoral, fundamentally unserious buffoon, bereft of constitutional understanding or of any concept of how one might govern this country as president. I considered his presidential campaign to be a sideshow and a joke.…

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