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Greatest NFL Quarterbacks, Revisited

By Paul Oyler / February 8, 2010 /

Because I love sports and numbers, and the intersection of the two, I did a statistical analysis three years ago to determine who was the greatest QB of all time.  This won’t be a long post, but to review, my scoring system relied on two things: passer rating relative to other QBs playing in the…

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A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

By Paul Oyler / August 18, 2009 /

Here’s the skinny: – I wish Michael Vick all the best in his comeback with the Eagles. Is he a changed man? Time will tell. I don’t think he’s much of an NFL QB, quite frankly, though he is the most unique talent in football. But I really am pulling for him to put his…

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The Never-Ending Brett Favre Saga

By Paul Oyler / May 6, 2009 /

My head hurts; Brett Favre is once again, for about the ninth season in a row, it seems, managed to make himself an off-season spectacle; now, he’s apparently going to talk with the Vikings about being their QB in 2009. Questions: 1. Can somebody, anybody, anywhere, please, please, get a memo to Brett: “hey, buddy,…

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