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And Now…The State of the Revolution

By Byron / January 28, 2014 /

I assume that at some point in my 53+ years, I have endured at least a copious portion or two of the State of the Union address. I say that I must have, but to say I remember anything of significance emanating from this pretentious waste of time would be wide of the mark. Presidents…

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What Did Obama Say to al-Maliki?

By Paul Oyler / July 22, 2008 /

Anybody else wonder, like me, what Smokin’ Barry said to al-Maliki when they met yesterday? I mean, how did that introduction go? “Hi, Mr. Prime Minister, I’m Barack Obama. I’m really so happy for you now that Iraq is a free country. Of course, I never believed in engaging in this war, and so if…

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Obama's "Christianity"

By Paul Oyler / July 6, 2008 /

Is Jesus the only way to eternal life, as Christians believe, or are there many paths? Barack Obama thinks the latter. Now, I do not believe that a person must profess to be a Christian in order to serve as our President. What I do believe is that a person ought to be genuine about…

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