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The Moral Question: "Sez Who?"

By Byron / November 1, 2012 /

The late Christopher Hitchens, a brilliant man and wordsmith par excellence, was nonetheless a militant atheist–but not at his logical best when engaging the subject, imbued with an acerbic tongue and flaming rhetoric, but at some points not with altogether cogent reasoning. He used to love to offer a challenge to theists, a challenge that…

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The Irrelevant Question of Christopher Hitchens

By Paul Oyler / April 10, 2009 /

I posted on this subject some time back, but I was listening to Michael Medved a little while ago, and he was interviewing God is Not Great author Christopher Hitchens, one of the new breed of so-called “militant atheists”. Hitchens is an able communicator, if a bit arrogant at points, but overall, I can stand…

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