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Neville Obama?

By Paul Oyler / May 23, 2010 /

Charles Krauthammer makes the case that this presidency is disastrous with regard to foreign policy.

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So Much for those "Giving" Liberals…

By Paul Oyler / April 16, 2010 /

There are people who get really antsy when I talk about the generosity of individuals—but I don’t care; I’m going to talk about it anyway, because what we voluntarily give says more about us than most anything else when it comes to our personal priorities.  And so with that thought in mind, we now have…

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The Emerging Obama Pattern

By Paul Oyler / April 5, 2010 /

Victor Davis Hanson puts the dots together on the Obama administration’s first 14 months and sees a pattern that seems to be unmistakable: Chicago Does Socialism As Hanson rightly points out, we might forgive an instance of statism here or there, a power grab or an unwise decision with adverse consequences, a diplomatic faux pas…

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By Paul Oyler / March 22, 2010 /

The president of the United States of America—or, what’s left of it—actually said this, on the heels of the passage of this damnable legislation called “health care reform”, a piece of legislation about which the American people had made themselves abundantly clear (in the negative): “We proved that this government, a government of the people…

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A Humorous Look Inside the Cult of Obama

By Paul Oyler / March 20, 2010 /

First, read A Lack of Healthy Boundaries, and then get the real laugh, the original article itself on the inane Huffington Post, written by Michael “Politics of Meaning” Lerner, entitled Reviving the American Liberal Movement.  These people are a hoot—and they’re serious!

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