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What I Had to Say Last Time I Preached

By Byron / July 23, 2012 /

This is a message I delivered on Sunday, July 8 at Grace Community Church in Marietta, GA (now our home church). It is taken from the last part of Matthew 13 and the first half or so of Matthew 14, and it is entitled, “The Soils of Men’s Hearts–in Real Time”. If you need another…

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Sunday Sermon, March 14, 2010

By Paul Oyler / March 17, 2010 /

Between Incarnation and Crucifixion

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Sunday Sermon: The Message Many Miss

By Paul Oyler / March 7, 2010 /

The Message Many Miss

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Sunday Sermon: On a Mission from God

By Paul Oyler / March 5, 2010 /

On a Mission from God

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Sunday Sermon: The God-Man (Part II)

By Paul Oyler / February 2, 2010 /

The God-Man, Part II, from my current series, “Jesus: The Big Questions”, presented January 31, 2010.

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