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Lost and Found: A Review

By Paul Oyler / May 2, 2009 /

I began a review of Ed Stetzer’s new book Lost and Found here. In that beginning, I acknowledged at least two things I hated to admit, given that the book was given to me as a freebie on the promise of a review: one, I was tardy in getting the review done. I hate that,…

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Review Coming Soon: Lost and Found

By Paul Oyler / April 3, 2009 /

I have a confession to make: I’m tardy. Terribly tardy. Tardy in an area I don’t like to be tardy in, and that is that I received a book for review a couple months ago, and I was supposed to have the review done and posted by now, and I’m late. March was a blur,…

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God's Politics? I Don't Think So…

By Paul Oyler / December 30, 2008 /

Every now and then, it’s good to read a book that, going in, you expect to disagree with in large measure. For instance, though I’ve not bought any of the books written by the new “militant atheists”—and don’t intend to—I’ve perused some of their arguments, particularly those of Sam Harris in Letter to a Christian…

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