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Four Questions Richard Cohen Won’t Answer

By Byron / February 9, 2019 /

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post wrote a February 4 column calling the Pences “bigots” because of their belief that homosexual behavior is morally wrong (a position held, of course, not only vice-presidents, but by evangelical Christians, but by Roman Catholics, Muslims, Jews, etc.), claiming that “it is simply wrong to foster a belief that…

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Pragmatism is not Conservatism, or “Not So Fast on this Carrier Deal”

By Byron / December 3, 2016 /

President-elect Trump, as we all know by now, cut a deal with Carrier to keep roughly 1000 jobs in the U.S. that had been scheduled to move to Mexico. First things first: no one with a heart can help but be happy for the families directly affected by this deal, those who stood to lose…

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You Elected Him, You Own Him

By Byron / November 12, 2016 /

As anyone who has read much of anything I’ve written over the course of the past 15 months is aware, I took my stand early–long before there was a hashtag/slogan–that I would under no circumstances vote for Donald Trump (and it should go without saying that I’d never have voted for Hillary Clinton). I kept…

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An Open Letter to the Writers of Open Letters

By Byron / August 27, 2016 /

Wayne Grudem. James Garlow. Wayne Allyn Root. James Patrick Riley. An anonymous pastor’s wife. Jefrey Breshears. Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve read “open letters” (or the equivalent, if not so named) from each of these folks (all “Christian” of some stripe), all with the same theme: Donald Drumpf is a flawed…

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The Idea of Trump

By Byron / April 23, 2016 /

I was wrong. With regard to Donald Trump, I was spectacularly wrong. I considered Donald Trump to be a spectacularly unqualified, crude, amoral, fundamentally unserious buffoon, bereft of constitutional understanding or of any concept of how one might govern this country as president. I considered his presidential campaign to be a sideshow and a joke.…

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