A Word Re the Ronald Weinland Thread


We are having technical difficulties regarding the Weinland thread (the most popular thread in this meager blog’s history). In short, I shut down discussion for a period of 72 hours after some things got too heated, and then I posted a piece (that apparently can’t be seen unless you’re logged in) and opened the thread back up for comments (which you apparently can’t do unless you’re me–and aren’t you glad you’re not me?). Why this happened, I truly don’t know; to shut off comments, one simply unchecks a box (I’ve unchecked for this post, by the way); to turn comments back on, one simply re-checks the box, and voila, it should work. But it didn’t.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: I never, ever made a post entitled “Ronald Weinland”; if you could go to the thread and look, you’d see no “original post” there. My original post was entitled “Hot Dog: Got us a Prophet!” , made back in January; it garnered a total of 6 responses, all basically derisive of this phony prophet. Then, what apparently happened was this: somebody clicked on the picture of Ronald Weinland, and for some reason that my webbiedude is still trying to figure out, “Ronald Weinland” became, effectively, a “commentable” thread. I discovered that fact early on; thought it was weird; decided just to run with it. Now, it’s likely that odd way of “Ronald Weinland” becoming a post that is causing the problems.

So here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to write the same post that I did last night over at my original thread. It will be open for comments. A nice advantage will be that, with only 6 comments up now (mine will make 7), it won’t take the page forever to load. You’re welcome, Gordon.

Finally, in the event you’ve been following the thread, have decided that I’m evil incarnate (“cobra”, a “liar”, leading my “followers” into the “bowels of hell”–some real nice people on that thread, there), and figure that all of this is some conspiracy to “shut people up”…well, can I talk to you about some land in Florida I have for sale?