Brian McLaren wrote a number of books from an “emerging church” perspective, a perspective with which I was briefly intrigued until I learned that many in the movement were not content to merely reconsider ministry approaches, but were willing to put up for grabs theological orthodoxy.

Thanks, but no thanks.

At any rate, Brian McLaren was probably the “leading light” of this movement. It became painfully obvious, several years ago with his publication of “A Generous Orthodoxy” and other books, that McLaren was more than a bit eccentric theologically, but was indeed a heretic.

Now comes this. Note Brian McLaren’s involvement in this.

Now, McLaren had, amid a lot of gobbledygook, a few good things to say in some of the books of his I read (and still own). But if you want all I’ve got, pay the postage, and you can have ’em. I have no use for ’em any more.

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  1. Mike Worrell says:

    Least surprising development since Palpatine was revealed as the Emperor.

  2. Mark Merritt says:

    No one can say you didn’t give him a fair shot. I found that reading McLaren was kind of like playing the instant ticket lottery. Too much to invest for the little payoff that waited.

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