I offer the following for the purposes of a good laugh several months from now when my predictions are proven to be horribly wrong.  Yes, yes, I know, I am making said predictions with knowledge of what transpired in most of Week One, but really, does it matter all that much?  I mean, it’s not like I’m making these prognostications midway through October or something.  OK, just a few, quickly:

Division Champions

NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles

NFC North – Green Bay Packers

NFC South – Atlanta Falcons

NFC West – St. Louis Rams

NFC Wild Card Teams – New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions (you heard me)

AFC East – New England Patriots

AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South – Houston Texans

AFC West – San Diego Chargers

AFC Wild Card Teams – Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets

NFC Champion: Atlanta Falcons

AFC Champion: New England Patriots

Super Bowl Champion: New England Patriots

Remember, you heard it all here first…


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  1. Shawn Hanna says:

    Any of these look possible except for that Rams pick. Even with the horrible start that the Eagles had, that division is so bad that they could easily find themselves on top in the end.

    Have to admit though, I very much dislike that Patriots pick.

  2. Shawn Hanna says:

    Haha. I know of course that wasnt the reason for the pick. I still hate to see them picked regardless of how much I happen to agree or disagree in any given year. If that makes sense. haha.

    I will say this… I (along with most of the country) have been very shocked at how poorly the Rams have done. They looked like they were ready to turn the corner.

    BTW, my wife loves your college allegience. She grew up in Virginia and is a huge UVA fan. She has tried to convert me, but it hasnt worked. Hope you are well.

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