Oops…it dawned on me that there was one other sports moment that had to make the list: Phil Mickelson winning the 2004 Masters.  If you could watch that event unfold and say that golf on TV is always boring, well, I got nothing for ya.

Phil Finally Wins a Major

Honorable Mention in my little excursion into my favorite sports moments I watched live:

Carlton Fisk’s Homer in the ’76 World Series

Ozzie Smith’s Homer in the ’85 NLCS

Bjorn Borg/John McEnroe Going 5 Sets in the Wimbledon Final, 1980

UVa Snapping Florida State’s ACC Unbeaten Streak with a Goal-Line Stand, 1996

St. Louis Cardinals Winning the 1982 World Series

Lorenzo Charles’ Game-Winning Shot in the NCAA Tournament

Jim O’Brien Winning Super Bowl V for the Colts over Dallas

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  1. Can’t wait for the biopic of this blog series and the coffee table book.

    “50 Years of Byron Harvey”

    Wow. Just think…

    I’ll put it next to my other Byron Harvey paraphenalia: http://www.byron-harvey.com/2009/04/heres-how-the-conversation-started/

  2. Graham says:

    Golf on TV isn’t always boring, although it can be livened up if they were to have a bit where the presenters go “And we take a break from the golf now, and can show you exclusive pictures of paint drying.”

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