This is…well…I guess it’s to be expected:

One wonders if this man who “preaches” to millions a week has any sort of coherent theological stance other than whatever he happens to ascertain when he plops open the Bible and sticks his pointer finger into the text.

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  1. sherry says:

    So he eats pizza? but no pepperoni, well, that will solve all of his health issues. I guess God doesn’t mention Pizza in the Bible.

    Since when is the pulpit a place to preach NUTRITION??

    something tells me he just read “what would Jesus eat?”

    This just makes me want to scream…

  2. Laurie says:

    Whenever I hear him speak, I listen…times goes by…after awhile I think – is he EVER going to get around to teaching anything in the Bible? Here he’s a nutritionist, other times he plays a psychologist – he talks alot about everything and is an expert on nothing.

    But that huge crowd doesn’t seem to notice; they’re there to be entertained, apparently, not to hear the Bible taught. How does it not matter to them that he barely ever glances at his Bible, much less actually teach a passage out of it?

    His sermons aren’t about “What Would Jesus Do?” – they’re about “What Would Joel Do?”

  3. Laura says:

    It appears that Joel Osteen is a better Jew than I am… I wonder how many hail Mary’s I should say on account of last night’s pepperoni pizza.

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