Well, Americans haven’t been good little boys and girls lately—at least not good enough, gastronomically-speaking, and thus along comes “Big Chef” to not only monitor, but to adjust how we eat:

U.S. Plans Drive to Limit Salt in Food

And this will likely raise few eyebrows among a populace dulled to the gradual-but-steady encroachment of the government into our private, everyday affairs.  Look, would eating less salt be a good thing for us?  Probably…and it might save billions a year if we chose to do that.  But isn’t that the key?  In a free society, we make choices—and we live (and die) by those choices.  But the contemporary liberal impulse is always to push “security”—let’s qualify that, liberalism’s definition of “security”, as in Socialist Security, etc.—at the expense of freedom.  And we’ve grown accustomed to government providing all sorts of (imagined) security for us (beyond rational, Constitutionally-mandated forms of security, chiefly national defense and courts of justice).  Because we’ve tacitly accepted such as government’s rightly-ordained role—and because the Chuck Schumer types are all-too-willing to acts as  moral nannies (holding what Thomas Sowell calls “The Vision of the Anointed”)—we think little of this.  “The government is just acting in our best interests”, many say.

And somewhere, the freedom-loving men and women who gave us this republic continue to roll over in their graves.

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