If you’re in the mood to affix blame for this healthcare albatross that seems likely to bankrupt future generations of Americans, it seems to me we can look on both sides of the aisle—and Patrick Ruffini agrees:

The Republican Health Care Failure

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  1. Bob Robinson says:

    We have tried ineffectively to stretch free market rhetoric to health care without appreciating that health care is already too far removed from a free market for the analogy to make sense. Real markets are sensitive to price. Health care isn’t. The insurance companies hide the cost of actual care from the consumer.

    -Amen to that!

    • Byron says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I have long said that one of the key problems with health care is that it is not a free market system (who cares about the costs of their treatment, beyond their deductible?), and that the way to fix it was, at least in part, to introduce more true market forces into it.

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