Indianapolis 38, New Orleans 21

It’s hard to root against the feel-good story of the year–and it’s not so much that I’m rooting against the Saints, though I do like the Colts a tad better and am a big Peyton Manning fan.  But here’s the deal: the Saints aren’t playing against a quarterback who’ll do the dumb things that Brett Favre tends to do in clutch situations; they’re playing a guy who may end up as the greatest of all time when it’s all said and done.

The Saints were fortunate to beat a team that turned the ball over 5 times in the NFC Championship Game, and it seems obvious to me that Peyton and his Colts will not turn it over 5 times.  Granted, the Colts D isn’t as formidable as the Vikings D, and Drew Brees may have a nice game against them.  Still, I just don’t think the Saints, as deserving as they are of being here and as great a season as they have, have the team to win this thing.

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  1. Webbie Dude Paul says:

    You were saying?

    • Byron says:

      That’s why they play the game! Congrats to the Saints on a very well-played game. And thankfully, it was (again) a very interesting Super Bowl.

  2. Don says:

    “…with the gold in your mouth, hat turn sideways; walkin’, talkin’ with your pants on the ground, get it up!”

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