I’m guessing he would…

“…the Christian needs stimulation. . . . Overstimulation, however, is always bad. Certain highly emotional religious groups appear entirely incapable of carrying on unless they are aroused to a high pitch of nervous excitement which, incidentally, they mistake for the movings of the Holy Spirit. Serious as this is I still believe it is more sincere and less injurious than that new playboy type of Fundamentalism which can only exist by high voltage external stimuli. One such group recently advertised a missionary rally as a “missionary spectacular.” These misguided friends simply do not see the glaring inconsistency between this and legitimate New Testament methods. No Christian should need any other stimulation than that afforded by the Word of God, the indwelling Holy Spirit and prayer. These along with the overwhelming needs of the lost world should provide all normal stimulation. Anything beyond this is unnecessary and can be dangerous.”

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