“England Dan” Seals has passed away of cancer.

Here’s one of their most notable 70’s era smoothies:

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  1. Daron says:

    Very sad. I presume many people knew this was coming but the whole thing is abrupt and shocking news to me.
    “I’d Really Love To See You” is one of the few songs I can think of, with “American Pie”, where I knew I’d found a favourite the moment I heard it. Even though I always thought what he was “not talkin’ ’bout” was a “millennia”.

    By the way … I’m out here and usually read your blog daily. It bugs me when you don’t post and sometimes causes me to skip a few days. But it’s always nice catching up.

  2. Mark Merritt says:

    That’s too bad. My wife loves this group and I say they’re not too shabby. Love is the Answer was made famous by them, though it was written and released by Todd Rundgren a few years earlier.

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