From our credit-where-credit’s-due department comes this:

Obama Opposes “Fairness Doctrine”

Liberals love to suggest that conservatives “question the patriotism” of liberals–Mrs. Bill Clinton made that claim on the campaign trail–but I don’t remember ever hearing that happen. Of course, liberals themselves do question the patriotism of conservatives; Governor Jennifer Granholm and Rep. John Conyers, both of Michigan, questioned the patriotism of people who opposed the “auto bailout”, for instance. I don’t tend to question the patriotism of anybody, but I gotta tell you this: I come awfully close–and might step over that line–when it comes to people who support the “Fairness Doctrine”. If you support that wrongheaded concept, you don’t have the foggiest idea what “freedom of speech” is all about, and boys and girls, freedom of speech is one of the cardinal doctrines of this country. Thankfully, we get the news this evening that the President has reiterated his campaign words that he stands opposed to reinstating that heinous concept.

And so here at the Zone, we’ll give credit where it’s due and say, “thanks, Mr. Obama, for at least getting this one right.”

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  1. Jane says:

    He opposes the fairness doctrine as it is. He will recreate, reword, regroup, rewrite and reorganize with community focus groups under Bill Clinton to readdress the “issue” of the opposition voice. Mark my words. Trust that man not quite as far as you can throw him, then verify before conclusion.

  2. Josh says:

    I don’t believe we need to be cynical here, we can say “nice job” and move on. I know his position on issues, no need to bring it up when he does something I agree with.

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