I haven’t written about sports in ages, but I’ve got to ask any NFL-fan readers: I’ve long considered Rich Kotite to be the most inept head coach of my lifetime, but I’ve got to tell you, the job Norv Turner is doing in San Diego has really put him in the running. To recap, the Chargers went 14-2 just two years ago, but because the general manager couldn’t stand Coach Marty Schottenheimer, he fired him…to hire Norv, who’d already proven himself a failure in two head coaching jobs. That was the genius move of all time, in my opinion, and I said so. Now the Chargers, having entered this season as favorites to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, are four games worse than the Atlanta Falcons, who just spanked ’em in a game that wasn’t nearly as close as the final score. The Chargers are now 4-8, one of the league’s worst teams. Yes, I know that they lost their season opener on a bad call, and yes, I know that they lost Shawne Merriman early in the season. Still…4-8? Sorry, but Norv Turner may have surpassed Rich Kotite as the worst NFL coach of my lifetime.

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  1. Mark Merritt says:

    Schottenheimer always seems to get a raw deal wherever he goes (Cleve, KC, SD), but until he gets past the first round of the playoffs, it will continue to happen.

    Oh yeah, and you are spot-on about Norv (What kind of name is that? ) Turner.

  2. Flash McDirt says:

    I think, hands-down, the most inept coach of all-time is Harvey Johnson. In two different tours of duty he managed to take somewhat hopeful Buffalo Bills teams and, each time, mold them into the worst team in the league, winning a total of 2 games, while losing 23.

  3. Byron says:

    Still a sore spot eh, Paul?

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