Hey, al-Maliki is right in line with what Obama wants, to get out of Iraq in 16 months, right?

Wrong. Read this, not only for an explanation, but also for a good grip on the disingenuity of Smokin’ Barry.

Obama’s Use of the Maliki Comments

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  1. Bob Robinson says:

    Here’s from Der Spiegel:
    Maliki: As soon as possible, as far as we’re concerned. U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama talks about 16 months. That, we think, would be the right timeframe for a withdrawal, with the possibility of slight changes.

    Der Spiegel: Is this an endorsement for the US presidential election in November? Does Obama, who has no military background, ultimately have a better understanding of Iraq than war hero John McCain?

    Maliki: Those who operate on the premise of short time periods in Iraq today are being more realistic. Artificially prolonging the tenure of US troops in Iraq would cause problems. Of course, this is by no means an election endorsement. Who they choose as their president is the Americans’ business. But it’s the business of Iraqis to say what they want.”

    National Review writes, “Iraqi spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh quickly stated that Maliki’s comments had been ‘misunderstood, mistranslated and not conveyed accurately.'”

    Ali al-Dabbagh is the person that the White House has placed in charge of serving Kool-Aid to the press concerning Iraq. He actually works for CENTCOM and the Pentagon Middle East Command. This denial is bogus. Al-Dabbagh’s job is to explain away al-Maliki’s statements whenever they contradict Bush’s.

    Does it matter to the Right that Der Spiegel has an audiotape of the Arabic of the interview? Does it matter that this was given to The New York Times’ Sabrina Tavernise and Jeff Zeleny, who wrote, “But the interpreter for the interview works for Mr. Maliki’s office, not the magazine … The following is a direct translation from the Arabic of Mr. Maliki’s comments by The Times: ‘Obama’s remarks that – if he takes office – in 16 months he would withdraw the forces, we think that this period could increase or decrease a little, but that it could be suitable to end the presence of the forces in Iraq.’ He continued: ‘Who wants to exit in a quicker way has a better assessment of the situation in Iraq.'”

    Does it rally matter that this is REALLY what al-Maliki said? No, it doesn’t. Because the Kool-Aid that the White House serves is more important to the Right than the actual facts.

    Mmmm, mmmm. That White House Kool-Aid tastes soooo good!!

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