Ronald Weinland…”eBay pastor”…giving away semiautomatic rifles to youth…and now this:

There are fools for Christ’s sake, and then there are just plain fools.

Tonight I was over at Barnes and Noble, and I picked up a book called “Grand Theft Jesus”, which is one of those books excoriating conservative Christians; I knew this because among the endorsers were the late George Carlin and Barry Lynn. At any rate, as I thumbed through it, I found myself once again thanking the Lord for our enemies, because as a work of “journalism”, it was laughable, an amalgam of out-of-context quotes, gross overgeneralizations, selective quotes, and the like, cobbled together into a book that would only impress the wholly naive. And yet, every time I see things like this Todd Bentley clown, and the rest of the above folks, I shudder to realize that we’ve given folks like the author of “Grand Theft Jesus” more ammunition.

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  1. Derlin says:

    Does anyone know if these people were actually healed? If so, by what power were they healed?

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