Hey, great news about our Pelosi/Reid-led Congress, struggling as it is with approval ratings in the teens!

U.S. Congress Not as Utterly and Totally Nuts as the Spanish Legislature!

“The defense of our evolutionary comrades”. Hilarious.

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  1. Graham says:

    While there is the amusement element here, there is also something of more concern.

    Spain is a popular tourist destination for Britons, and often as summer approaches, one will see newspaper adverts from animal welfare groups about the way Spain treats its donkeys.

    And, of course, animal welfare groups getting annoyed about bull-fighting.

    But apes? Why on Earth would some Spanish politicians plan legislation designed to protect apes- and specifically wild ones. Spain doesn’t have wild apes.

    The clue is in the picture in the “Fox News” article. It shows an ape from Gibraltar. From the legend under the photo one would believe that Gibraltar is part of Spain, when it is an independent nation- however much Spain rants about it belonging to them (maybe they should try reading the Treaty which protects Gibraltan independence).

    The only wild apes that would “benefit” from this are the Gibraltan ones- if Gibraltar were actually part of Spain.

    While at first sight it seems about apes, what really disturbs me is that it seems to be a claim to own another nation..

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