I’m not surprised at the following headline, in this age of mindless “tolerance”:

70% of Americans Say that Many Religions Lead to Eternal Life

But what is saddening is the revelation that some 57% of “evangelicals” believe it possible that Jesus was a bald-faced liar (see John 14, among others).

Selected quotes from the article, and my response:

The problem, says Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is that “the cultural context and the reality of pluralism has pulled many away from historic Christianity.”

Response: Further, the problem is weenies in the pulpit.

In fact, of the dozens of denominations covered by the Pew survey, it was only Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses who answered in the majority that their own faith was the only way to eternal life.

Response: It ain’t “sympathy for the devil”, but it is, strangely, kudos to the cultists; they may be completely wrong in their theology, but credit for actually believing it.

More so than Christ’s divinity or Resurrection, (Al Mohler) says, “the exclusivity of the Gospel is the most vulnerable doctrine in the face of the modern world.”

Response: Al’s sure got that right. Which is why the antidote to the vulnerability of Christ’s exclusivity is to preach the Word–the true Word, not the nonsense coming from a high percentage of “evangelical” pulpits. Can ya tell I’m fired up?

“Just because they don’t want to believe that there’s only one way to salvation doesn’t meant that they don’t take their religion very seriously.” (from one of the authors of the study)

Response: Aside from my distaste for the word “religion”, which I’ll leave aside, it’s quite American to disregard a central tenet of faith and yet claim to be “taking that faith seriously”. We’ve become quite postmodernly-adept at talking out of two sides of our mouths.

The survey’s biggest challenge is to the theologians and pastors who will have to reconcile their flocks’ acceptance of a new, polyglot heaven with the strict admission criteria to the gated community that preceded it.

Response: “Preach the Word, in season and out of season”.

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