I heard a sermon recently. It was a good sermon, in that it spoke truth. It was delivered by an engaging speaker, one with a good command of English and good “platform presence”. I was challenged by it, reminded of some of the Scriptures’ teaching in an area in which we all fail. I appreciated the message. It was good in every respect but one: it was a message that could have been preached by a rabbi.

If you are a Christian preacher, never preach a message that could be preached by a rabbi.

Russell Moore’s piece Beyond a VeggieTales Gospel is a classic on the utter necessity of taking every part of the Bible and seeing Jesus there. Here’s an excerpt worth reading:

Every text of Scripture–Old or New Testaments–is…about Jesus, precisely because, at the end of the day, everything in reality is about Jesus. Why is there something instead of nothing? Why are human beings religious? Why do people want food and water and sex and community? Why are there galaxies and quasars and blue whales and local churches? God is creating all that is for His heir, for the glory of Jesus Christ. When you see through Jesus, you see the interpretive grid through which all of reality makes sense.

But when you bypass Jesus, you preach/read/understand/believe/live an incomplete gospel.

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