Barack Obama has vanquished the evil forces of darkness…err, Mrs. Bill and the Clinton Machine, sorry…and claimed the nomination of the Democrat Party for president. Every American ought to pause and consider the historic nature of this event. Only a few decades removed from water cannons and riot police; forty years following the tragic death of Dr. King, a black man is the nominee of one of the two major political parties for the highest office in the land. This administration gave us a black man and a black woman as Secretaries of State; we’ve had black members of administrations Democrat and Republican serve in cabinet positions. I do consider it a noteworthy achievement that Barack Obama has secured the nomination; I hope that in my lifetime, I see a black president, and/or a woman president; none of these things bother me in the slightest–why would they? Congratulations are in order to Mr. Obama for his achievement!

Of course, his skin color isn’t even a tiny smidgen of a reason to vote for (or against) him for president.

Because in addition to being a black nominee, he is also the most far left-wing, and probably the least-qualified, nominee ever placed before the American public by a major political party. And thus, it is critical that we work to make sure he is not elected president, that as much as we might not like so many things about Senator McCain–and I’m certainly in that number–the election of Barack Obama, along with likely increases among the Socialist/Democrats in both the House and the Senate, will bode very poorly for the future of our country. I’ll be posting more on this topic, of course, in weeks and months to come, but for now, congratulations to Senator Obama, and let us work to make sure we can never call him “President Obama”.

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