I’m in a silly mood, OK, but if you really, really like laughing at outrageously funny album covers, go here.

Whatever you do, don’t stop until you see “Mike Terry: Live at the Pavilion in Glasgow”. It’s worth it…

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  1. Mark Merritt says:

    Just had to laugh loudly at a few of those.

    My Fave:

    Freddie Gage: All My Friends Are Dead

    Kinda makes one wonder why… 🙂

  2. Byron says:

    Well, weird name, you might think, but Freddie Gage is/was an evangelist, and ran with a rowdy crowd before becoming a believer. I think that’s the gist of it.

  3. Don says:

    The Handless Organist…now that’s funny even without the album cover.

    Not to be callus, but ANY album cover with Merrill Womach would make this list.

    Chicken Coupe de Ville…you gotta love a bare neked redneck in a mullet leanin’ against a rusty ol’ pickup, chewin’ on straw.

    Slim Goodbody…that’s just wrong on so many levels.

    Gary Dee Bradford…the little kid with the lazy eye who “sings for you and you and you”. (I’m in tears!)

    And who thought morphing Terry Riley’s bald forehead into a sunset was a good idea.

    Understand Your’e Swede…what does that even mean? I guess with eight kids in the yard the little woman must have figured it out.

    The Best of the Singing Postman…you know it’s scary to think this guy has made enough albums to even have a “best of” album.

    Ken by Request Only…gee, that’s a relief.

  4. Byron says:

    Ha, the comments are priceless, Don…”The Best of the Singing Postman”…great stuff!

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