For over 13 years, I pastored Fellowship Community Church of Mercer (now, of Grove City), Pennsylvania. During that time I worked in Allegheny District projects, serving for five years on the District Board, and for some time in trying to head up church planting.

As to the latter role, I was clueless.

And yet, God is faithful. Below is a video of Jim Culbertson, currently serving full-time as the Church Planting Director for the Awesome Allegheny. For so many years, we prayed and asked God to get the Awesome Allegheny off ground zero when it came to planting new churches. Now, the AA has won a national award for church planting, as Jim talks about in this video. Some of the things he talked about here happened while I was there, such as the two churches closing, which enabled new life to come to many other churches through the funds that were made available (“except a seed fall into the ground and die, it abides alone…”).

I love my new district, EFCA Southeast, but I am so thrilled at what I see God doing in the Awesome Allegheny.

Go, Awesome Allegheny District!

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