Maggie Gallagher is optimistic that the voters of California will defeat this nonsensical ruling via public referendum this November. In some ways, this could be a more critical vote than the vote to select our next president…well, in some ways. Maggie’s column further speaks chilling words about what is going on in supposedly “free” countries like Canada and Great Britain with regard to the freedom of religious organizations and citizens to hold and propagate their views. Can it happen in America?

We’re fools if we think it cannot…

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  1. Graham says:

    The Bishop of Hereford, Anthony Priddis, had warned about the impact on the “spiritual, moral and ethical” leadership within the Church of England.

    Unfortunately, the courts can only rule on what the law says, and the legislation in question was another one of those introduced by Tony Blair in his attempt to, as the Christian Institute puts it, “squeeze the churches into a secular mould.”

    Pre-Blair, the bishop’s actions would have been perfectly lawful.

  2. Graham says:

    Having just read my copy of this week’s “Church of England Newspaper”, there was a bit on this.

    The concern was that this gives extra ammunition to the ECUSA bishops who want ECUSA to authorise same-sex weddings.

    And these are the bishops who will be over here for the Lambeth Conference this summer, determined to do as much damage as possible (sorry, meant to say determined to bring “equality” and “justice”…)

  3. Byron says:

    Yeah, interesting when the church takes its queues from the world.

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