OK, so I post some Atlanta Braves baseball cards on Craigslist Atlanta, hoping that somebody here will want them. Not three hours later, “Jacob Alex”, who writes like he’s from Bangladesh or somewhere, says he’d like to have them, will send me a payment, and have his “agent” pick up the cards. “Hmmmm”, methinks, but OK, I’ll play along. A couple days later, I get another email from “Jacob”, who says that a tragic mistake has taken place: the person who disburses his funds (a serious baseball card buyer, Jacob!) has written a money order for, instead of $50, $2800! Oh, no!!!! A mistake I make all the time, and I’m sure you do as well, you know? I mean, when I mean to write a check for a two-digit amount, I regularly write it for four digits! Doesn’t everybody?

I send “Jacob” back an email saying that no, I’m not going to do business this way. I get no email back from him, but two days later, at a little after 7:00 in the AM, the doorbell rings, and it’s the friendly UPS man with a delivery. What, oh what, could it be? Well, would you look at that! It’s a money order for, get this, $2800.75! The all-important 75 cents, of course…anyway, also inside are some instructions on how to cash the money order, take $100 extra for my trouble, and then Western Union the difference back to “Angela Story” in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Oh, did I mention who sent the money order? Ruben Morales, from Chicago! And did I mention who signed the money order? John Richards! Wow, it’s a conglomerate of Atlanta Braves baseball card fans!!! How lucky can I be?

Wait…you don’t think…no, couldn’t be…and yet…any of you think that there’s like, a teensy bit of a chance that this is some sort of scam? Nah….

Dear Jacob Alex/Angela Story/Ruben Morales/John Richards,

I was not born yesterday nor, for that matter, the day before. I did not fall off the banana boat. I have not purchased any “land in Florida” recently. I’m not a delusional nincompoop. And if you want your “money order” for $2800.75 back, you may kindly send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address you sent the UPS overnight package to (ha, hope you enjoyed paying UPS for nothing!).

Thank you,

Byron Harvey

P.S. Angela Story, since I believe, having found your name on a website named “Ripoff Report”, that you may be the “brains” behind this operation, I thought I’d do a service to anyone else you’re trying to rip off, by posting this account, as well as including your name prominently in the post. That’s you, Angela Story. Angela Story. Angela Story.

Have a nice day, Angela Story!

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