Or not…

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  1. Derlin says:

    This situation raises the general question of how Christians should do business in a sinful world. What kind of responsibility is placed upon the believer to identify and reject those that are counter to the Christian faith? I’m not convinced there are any (at least not many). Jesus took on Matthew as one of his own disciples, and he was working for the Roman government, an organization sponsoring all sorts of things detestable to the Jewish community.

    If a local grocery store is owned by a Muslim, and he gives some of the profit I provide to his mosque, should I stop visiting the store because I’m indirectly sponsoring what I consider a false god? If so, I see that requiring us to isolate ourselves into well regulated Christian communities, so we can monitor everything. But that doesn’t seem to follow Jesus command to be in the world but not of it.

    I see the same thing here. I don’t think members of this dating site must leave in protest to Penthouse owning it in order to be good Christians, though I would certainly support the desire to leave should anyone want to.

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