Today’s horrible ruling by the California Supreme Court illustrates the absolutely essential nature of electing John McCain president, even if it means, as it will for many of us, squirming our way into the voting booth and gnashing some teeth to vote for him. The kind of judges who render a ruling such as the one today legalizing “gay marriage” in California are judges who believe in judicial activism; i.e., making law from the bench instead of interpreting law. They brazenly flip the bird to the hoi polloi electorate, and from their elitist ivory towers ignore the Constitution and do what’s best, in their eyes, to social-engineer their way to Utopia.

And who appoints such clowns to the courts? Liberals, of course, who could not get enacted the societal-engineering legislation they want through the legitimate means of legislatures and public referenda. This is why the fact that John McCain has said he’ll appoint strict constructionist judges (i.e., judges who believe that the Constitution actually means what it says) is absolutely critical, probably the most important issue in this election. Just as every Californian lost freedoms today, so we as a nation are losing our freedoms at the hands of activist judges who usurp power not delegated to them by the Constitution, and their “gain” is every American’s loss. Barack the Wonder Boy, whose nickname I’m now changing (since the nomination is his) to “The Most Liberal and Unqualified Candidate in History”, will appoint activists in the mold of Stephen Breyer, Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg, and so forth, to all the courts of our land. And one by one, these liberal appointees will strip us of our rights, enforce politically-correct nonsense, and render our nation impotent against its enemies.

Hold your nose, grit your teeth, close your eyes, or do what you have to, but come the first Tuesday in November, remember the stakes, and pull the lever for John McCain. I’ll be doing all of the above.

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