In doing a little sermon work I searched for a quote that turns out was made by Victor Frankl. In researching Victor Frankl, a Holocaust concentration camp survivor, I learned that this man had some great things to say to the world, one of which was the fact that freedom has to be balanced with responsibility if we intend to remain free. This is something I’ve long believed and preached. But Frankl believed that we needed, on the western shore of our country, a statue to “mirror”, if you will, the Statue of Liberty; assumedly, it’d go in California, and if there’s any state in the country that needs it…but I digress. There is actually in the works the idea of building this puppy by 2010 (although the funding is apparently coming along a little slowly), and the website is worth checking out, because the concept is certainly sound!

The Statue of Responsibility

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  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word about the statue, Byron.

  2. Viola Jaynes says:

    Mark, I am so happy to see that you posted on this. I am one of the volunteers at large for the Statue of Responsibility Foundation. The reason that funding is slow is because no one seems to know about this project yet…at least not the public at large.

    My goal currently is to get my own town and the greater Houston area aware of this project. It is a big job because it will include banners, flyers, cards, etc…

    I will also be approaching some of the Mega churches around here in the hopes that their gift shop could carry the new book that the SOR foundation just published. It tells about the project and it has 56 different authors giving their view on responsibility in today’s society.

    Perhaps you or someone in your community can start some sort of fundraising and awareness raising in your town and city. Daniel Bolz, President, CEO of the foundation will forward you all kinds of information that is happening: Pennies for Freedom; Friend of Freedom; Update on the project; etc…. I have put folders together to give to community leaders and superintendents for schools since “Pennies for Freedom” is a program for kids to raise pennies for the statue.

    I’ll be glad to share any information with you as well.

    Thanks again for doing this!!!

  3. Viola Jaynes says:

    P.S. I meant to say Byron. Sorry!

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