I’d like to congratulate my great buddy Don, who today became my first 500-post commenter. I wish that all of his comments were meaty, cogent, witty pieces that contributed to the betterment of mankind, but alas, Don was involved a few months back in a “comment war” with fellow…gentlemen…Hefe and Warren, and some of their comments were…shall we say…inane? (Yes, yes we shall!) Therefore, I’m not really sure that a celebration is in order, but be that as it may, I’ll still offer a (semi-tepid) round of applause for Don’s “achievement”.

And I’m also awarding him 30 bonus points!

3 responses »

  1. Mark Merritt says:


    I could be at 500 if you counted Florida and Michigan…

  2. Bob Robinson says:

    It’s reassuring to me that somebody out there thinks you’re an idiot over twice as often as I do!

  3. Byron says:

    EVERYbody’s a comedian…

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