Ronald Weinland, about whom I posted some months back, basically a throwaway post which has now attracted many, many comments, had claimed that the Pope today would in some way admit he was the antichrist, and this would usher in the Tribulation.

Well, it’s now 11 PM, and as of yet, no such revelation has been made. Sadly, some of the posters on this site will be shocked by this…

UPDATE: Hey, Weinland’s wife Laura is the second end-time witness, as God apparently plays “All in the Family” regarding his prophets. How conveeeeeenient! And of course, he’s not backing off from what he said, not doing any admitting of error; he’d said that if his predictions failed to come true, he’d admit he was a false prophet and quit preaching, but hey, there’s money to be made in writing books, you know! My prediction (but if I’m wrong, it’s not a “prophecy”, just a prediction!) all along has been that he’ll find some way to weasel-word himself out of the predicament, just like cultists always do (the Jehovah’s Witnesses have made a cottage industry out of making “prophecies”, having them fail to come to fruition, and then deftly covering their tracks, although I’ll admit that it’ll be tough for this monkey to cover his…).

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  1. mark merritt says:

    I would like to have one dollar for everytime someone has made that prediction. Oh, wait! There’s not enough currency in the world for that.

    While I do believe in the existence of a future Anti-Christ, I feel that he’s almost not needed due to the spirit of antichrist which is becoming more and more prevalent and accepted in the world.

  2. tam says:

    This guy should go on national radio stations and come clean. He predicted in the Jon McConnell that April 17th that something majof would happen and we’d all know about it because it is the beginning of the tribulation blowing of the first trumpet. Please note that I’m not poking fun at any religion but trying to get my point across that this guy scares people for a living because he’s power hungry.

  3. Ethan says:

    Rev. 11, which speaks of the two witnesses, says they will be clothed in sackcloth, and now that can either mean literally, or it can mean metaphorically, that they will be “clothed in humility”. From my standpoint, I view these two end time prophets never coming out and saying, “Hey! HERE I AM!” but rather going about doing God’s will and not worrying what the world thinks of it. Ron doesn’t seem to me to have an ounce of humility in anything he’s teaching or preaching. Now, while I can look around at the world today and compare that to scripture and tell you that yes, the end is near, I don’t believe it’s as close as Ron says, but again, I may be wrong. God doesn’t seem to me to be of the kind of showing off for the world, but rather going about his workings in a way that shows people something instead of saying something. Take for instance a Christian that dies for the sake of the Gospel. They don’t go around saying, “I love my Jesus so much that I’d die for him!” because nobody wants to die, but the fact of the matter is, that when someone comes along with that much faith, and they’re put in that situation, it’s not saying that they’re going to do it that makes a difference, but rather the fact that they just do it, and never back down. That says much more than someone proclaiming, “I want to be a martyr!” or “I’m going to be a martyr”!

    One part of the “book” that I didn’t agree with was the 144,000 part. Stating that God has picked 144,000 to resurrect and those would be the only ones. The bible does clearly say that all 144,000 are Jewish Men, all of whom are virgins…. King David wasn’t a virgin….I’m sure he’ll be resurrected. So that kind of cuts that theory in half. Also, I find it hard to believe that the women of old who loved and followed after Christ with all they had would not be resurrected. Just a thought…. I don’t take anything for what it appears to be without first testing it to scripture. As we are told to do, in the bible… which I’m finding, most people don’t read now a days….

  4. Where is my main man, Israelite?

    the other thread is kaput so I had to look up my homie RW and give a shout out to Izzy.

    Izzy, are we still on for the inauguration?

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