Wayne Root is a Libertarian candidate for president. I’m not voting for him; I’m supporting John McCain. But this piece on our “war on drugs” details the massive costs we are incurring, and to what end? A feeble attempt at doing the impossible, it seems to me. It’s senseless, and Root’s article makes a lot of points worth reading! Here’s a challenge: read this with an open mind!

The War on Drugs: It’s Time for Dramatic Reform

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  1. mark merritt says:

    I remember when Libertarians were considered whack-jobs, about 20 years ago. This Wayne Root is well-spoken and seems to have some integrity that the others don’t.

    I agree that the war on drugs is a massive failure. What can you do when it keeps getting used for political posturing – all of the postures except the right one BTW.

    I think he’s right when he changes his wording from dichotomy to hypocrisy to describe the other candidates (and politicians in general IMO). I think he’s right that the current war on drugs is anti-family.

    Sure, I think we all wish that no families had to deal with marijuana use (or any mind-altering substance), that we could all see the fruitlessness or limited benefit from that plant, but the fact is that families are being ruined over this because of the hypocrisy of our leaders. The war on drugs is wrong – two wrongs have never made a right.

    Thanks for the article Byron.

    Maybe in 4-8 years, people will see that Libertarians have become the new moderates in this country. Did I say that? Wow.

  2. Byron says:

    Well-spoken, Mark. The typical picture of a guy who takes this position is the “hey, duuude” druggie who just wants his fix. But the truth is that there are many good reasons to change our policy that have nothing to do with wanting to increase drug usage, or even with making drugs more easily accessible. The “war on drugs” is harming families and making criminals out of people who have a particular vice that, granted, can itself be harmful, but when we only look at that side of the equation, we get a very skewed viewpoint. Unfortunately, there are few more knee-jerk subjects than this one, and at this point, knee-jerk is ruling the day, instead of honest, open, well-thought-out debate.

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