Here is a personal email I received from a TNKZ reader asking a question that I believe would make for a good blog post (I received her permission to reprint it, by the way, and I’ll call her “Dolores”, not as pretty a name as hers, but the first thing that popped into my mind. And if you post something nasty, I’ll call you “Dolores” too…):

Hi Byron,

I enjoy following your blog for your interest and clear mindedness about issues within these United States of America. I need to have some input and discussion from you and your wise friends.

I received a forwarded message from AFA, denouncing McDonald for being a corporate partner of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and sending their director of communication to be on the NGLCC board of director. It urges Christians to boycott MCD. I clicked on the sample email letter and did not like the wording such as saying that we are in a “culture war”, and “their destructive and aberrant behaviors”. I wrote my own version and told my group why I did not feel we should condemn MCD and the gays and lesbians as people, but we can voice our concerns in upholding family values.

I have given more thoughts to the matter.

I thought MCD was promoting the gay and lesbian agenda in its web site and its business practice. I went to its web site and cannot find this anywhere. In the diversity tab, I did find that the corporation has a good record in hiring women and minority workers, but no mention of gays and lesbians.

I had to go to the NGLCC website to verify the news. Yes, Richard Ellis, MCD’s communication director is on the Board of Directors. Yes MCD is one of corporate partners, among with so many well known big businesses, Wells Fargo, AXP, Morgan Stanley, Intel (want to boycott buying computers?) etc.

The stated mission and purpose of the NGL chamber of commerce is nothing different than other cc’s, mainly to network, to promote business, nothing about activist agenda like what our California legislature has been doing: to indoctrinate children from very young to accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle.

I had been a small business owner for a few painful years; as such you want to keep your business alive if not thriving and prosperous by networking, joining the local chamber, the Asian chamber, the women’s business association.

I can see how the G and L naturally want to group together to grow their businesses, as minority business owners would.

Now, my questions:

When I walk into a store and find the owners to be gay, I don’t walk away because I know that the Bible says that their choice of lifestyle is wrong. As people, they deserve to survive in holding on to a business. Not patronizing them because they are gay is in fact an act of discrimination against a group of people. Could this kind of action and attitude be the reason why homosexual activists try so hard repeatedly, and have succeeded (significantly in California) in indoctrinating our young school children?

If I do not boycott the gay store owners, what good reason do I have to boycott MCD when there is no evidence that they are promoting the gay lifestyle? (So far). Is this not a reason that the main stream society hate the religious right? What about the other major corporations?

On the other hand, I fiercely support the petition to repeal laws already passed to indoctrinate school children without trepidation. That’s an activist agenda.

Am I too soft on my view re patronizing businesses which happen to have gay owners who are not promoting any agenda. Do I dishonor God’s Word?

To tell people about God’s desire from His Word seems to be in another arena to be preached or shared with love and care and straight forwardness.

Waging a war with “them” will hardly win souls.

As I thought you should write to Dobson about your view of him, I thought I should write to AFA, but after I get some words of wisdom from you.

Dolores (not her real name)

(a life-time conservative EVfreer)


It seems to me that one of the things we evangelicals could stand to do is to better choose which battles are worth fighting, and which ones are not. I hear arguments on both sides of the coin regarding whether or not we’re in a “culture war” (I tend to think that’s not an unreasonable description, but I’m not sure of the wisdom of broadcasting it in those terms). It seems to me that from what you’ve described, the boycott of MCD isn’t the wisest use of our time/efforts/money. When we engage in such forms of social protest, we ought, it seems to me, to choose “targets” which are very, very closely related to the issue at hand; for instance, if a local convenience store sells products you wish they’d not, you write a letter to that store, ask them to remove the products, and explain that you won’t be shopping there until they do. Having a company leader serve on such a board might not be what I’d wish they’d do, but that strikes me as getting pretty obscure. That’s not to say there isn’t a time to boycott; there’s one company I’ve boycotted for over 20 years now, though I’m wavering on it.

As far as writing Dobson, I think I’m going to take you up on that; you’re not the only person to urge me to do that. As far as writing AFA, feel free, of course, but I’m not sure it’s worth your time. Boycotting is one of the key cards I’ve seen AFA play through the years, and it’s unlikely that you’ll convince them to abandon that strategy. Then again, you’re not necessarily urging them to abandon the strategy altogether (and I wouldn’t; I do believe that there is a time/place/situation to boycott a company), but rather, if they must boycott, to be more selective in choosing targets which are significantly less obscure than what you’ve described.


OK, readers, “Dolores” asked for help not only from myself, but also from my “wise readers” (you know who you are…but there aren’t as many of you as you think there are…). 🙂

What think ye?

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  1. sherry says:

    Hi Dolores, whoever and wherever you are…

    I got the same e-mail and my first response was “gee, my son works at MickeyD’s…am I supposed to tell him to quit?”

    Well, in a nutshell, I’m not about to do that.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your post, and Byron’s as well. Go for it!

  2. Penny says:

    Thanks Byron for posting my questions, thanks Sherry for commenting. Before everyone spends time on my idendity, I should have asked you Byron to put my name which I have used in posting on your blog, especially with the “end of spear” thread. I believe in there I established an idendity with my own personality. Dolores sounds so different. Better stick with my personality.
    Hope to hear more comment especially on how we should treat gays with respect as persons, but stand up to the activists for agenda they impose on society and children.
    Thanks, Penny

  3. Byron says:

    But we were just getting used to calling you “Dolores”!

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