She’s bright, witty, funny, and a humanitarian. She also is one of the most dangerous people in America. Here’s why:

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  1. Laura Cain says:

    Wow, I was blown away by the man’s profoundly deep view of what happens when we die. Such a comforting idea in this troubling age.
    Yes, that is sarcasm, but “I don’t really give it much thought.”
    God is God, more than a warm ‘n fuzy happy “feeling” that surrounds us and which permeates everything. The fact that He is a jealous God does not negate the fact that He is also love. He is the only one worthy of being worshipped, the only one worthy of our love and adoration. If you throw that out the window, no wonder you end up with many millions of ways to be human through which you can “reach god.”
    If there is only one true God, doesn’t it make sense that He be a jealous God? I think she clearly misunderstood the point. God is not jealous of us. The Creator does not and can not envy the creature. He is jealous when our love and adoration are directed at something less than Himself. He is jealous when we strive after vain things, instead of Him. He is jealous when we erect false idols and claim they can reach “god” too. He is jealous when we set Him aside and tune our ears and hearts to emulate the opinions of actors, sports heros, politicians, and even talk show hosts. The Creator does not envy the creature. The Creator longs for the creature to know and glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. 🙂

  2. Byron says:

    Spoken like a person who has grown up under sound Bible teaching most of her life… 🙂

  3. Laura Cain says:

    Very true :). ‘Tis also true that Oprah is one scary lady.

  4. Bob Robinson says:

    This was very good until…
    Until it was revealed at the end that there is a political angle on this. The book’s title is ridiculous: “Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama and the Occult.”
    I certainly agree that Oprah is anti-Christian and is a very real threat to the proclamation of the gospel and that she is leading many away from the truth found in Christ. She is certainly blatantly working in the occult.
    But I am deeply troubled by the association of Obama in this. What? Am I to believe that Obama is part of the Occult because Oprah endorsed him? How does that compute?
    I googled it and found that Carrington Steele, the author of the book and this promotional video, is a plagiarist and a liar.
    Again, I have no doubts that Oprah is knee-deep in the occult. Eckhart Tolle is a total flim-flam man, full of new-agey nonsense.
    But Obama?
    We might have questions about his politics and even his liberal Christianity, but he is certainly not an occultist.

  5. Byron says:

    You’re certainly correct, Bob, and that’s what I get for not watching the video all the way through…

  6. Tonya says:

    I agree that Oprah is deeply into the occult and that Satan is having a hay day using her to wreck havooc not only in our country but around the world. These school(s) Oprah has set up in Africa for girls…it makes me wonder, what are they teaching them, and where is that going to lead. We need to triple our efforts in prayer not only for our country but for this woman as well for whom I had once had much respect for in that she started from nothing and has made herself into something, unfortunatly a very dangerous something now. With the following, influence, and money she has just think of what she could do if the millions of us Christians pray for her salvation. God could work many things through Oprah Winfrey. He’s not given up on her yet, let us not either, but tread carefully.

  7. Matt says:

    It depends how you look at it.

    I think her and Eckhart’s message is an important one. We need to follow something similar otherwise we are all doomed.

    Time is running out….

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