Unedited, the letter I just fired off to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Great comedy, AJC! I’m in stitches! Your April 5 edition blares the headline, “Job Losses Testify Recession is Real”, when anyone who understands the simple definition of a recession knows that we are not in a recession at all. For those who don’t know, a “recession” is defined as “two consecutive quarters of negative growth” in the economy, and we haven’t even had one quarter of negative growth yet, and so call our economic status what you will, we most certainly are not in a recession, at least not yet. Then, I turn to the editorial page, and Angela Tuck writes about “Keeping Bias out of the Paper”. Hilarious! When the economy, during the last months of the Clinton presidency, was in a verifiable recession, there were comparatively few press articles written about that fact when compared with the number of doom and gloom articles currently being written about a recession that doesn’t exist. But of course, that couldn’t be left-wing media bias at work, could it? No! Angela Tuck says there is none!

Thanks, I really needed that laugh…

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