Where have we heard this before?

Obama Pitches Strict Regulations, Clinton Stresses Job Training in Dueling Economic Plans

Oh, that’s right, practically every other Democrat politician for the past half-century. And some misguided Republicans as well. More government involvement/intrusion/regulation/squelching of freedom. Hey, that’s revolutionary and “progressive”, isn’t it?

Mrs. Bill, for her part, suggested a massive government program. Nice. Original.

Yeah, the more you listen to something deeper than “change!” “Hope!” “Hopeful change”, the more you come to realize that for all his charm, eloquence, good lucks, and youthful vigor, Barack Obama is just another politician.

3 responses »

  1. Byron says:

    You mean dumb stuff like regulating the economy back to prosperity? That’s the real world?

  2. damian says:

    Come join us in the real world where things HAVE to be said and done to win elections

  3. Don says:

    Since when is inside-the-beltway politics the real world?

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